Heavy Metal Fantasy Art Magazine & Comic Con 2003
Veronika signed her poster for Heavy Metal alongside Artist Lorenzo Sperlonga at the Heavy Metal Booth in San Diego Comic Con July 17-20th.  Also at the booth was Legendary Artists Simon Bisley, Kevin Eastman, Luiz Royo, Azpiri and models Aria Giovanni and Stacy Walker.

Veronika came as Taarna on Saturday.  Taarna was the character from the Heavy Metal Movie.
Veronika as Taarna at the Heavy Metal Booth
with X-men with Stacy Walker with Heavy Metal editor/owner Kevin Eastman   with Kevin
with Heavy Metal V.P. Howard with Artist Genius Lorenzo Sperlonga Can u name this Comedian? Veronika in 3-D sculpture of the Cage painting by Lorenzo with Master Artist Olivia & her husband Joel